PRICES - Prices refer to merchandise ex our warehouses. Said prices are not binding and may be changed without notice, even during the course of a same supply.

ORDERS - Every order must clearly refer to the data found in this catalogue, in addition to any of your references. For materials not considered, send a sample or drawing. Any order, whether it be direct or indirect, is subject to our approval.

DELIVERIES - In the event that merchandise is not delivered due to causes beyond one’s control or if deliveries are made at a later date than the delivery date estabilished by our offer or confirmation, our Customers may not forward claims for damages.

TERMS OF DELIVERY - Save differing agreements, merchandise must be delivered ex our Warehouse.

SHIPMENTS - Merchandise always travels on behalf of and at the risk of the purchaser, even in the event that it is shipped ex destination. Any insurance is at the Customer’s expense. If no indications are given, shipments will be carried out by means which we consider as being the most appropriate, but without our responsibility.

PACKAGES AND PACKING - Prices are to be considered net of packing costs. The cost of said packing will always be invoiced separately.

CLAIMS AND RETURNS - Claims which are filed later than ten days following the date on which the merchandise was received will not be accepted. For no reason whatsoever will merchandise which was regularly ordered be accepted in return, without our written authorization.

WARRANTS - All pieces which we acknowledge as being defective due to causes pertaining to the material used or its machining will be replaced, provided that said pieces have not been tampered and that no more than one month has passed from the date of the invoice. In any event, our responsibility remains strictly limited to replacement, declining all responsibility for any consequences or demages deriving from the supplied merchandise, including labor for disassembly and the possible purchase of complementary parts.

MERCHANDISE OWNERSHIP - Merchandise remains our property until it is paid for in full.

CONCESSIONAIRES - We are not responsible for the dealings of our Concessionaires and Agents, as said Concessionaires and Agents act in their own name and on their own behalf in business relations with third parties.

DISPUTES - For any dispute, the Court of Justice of PARMA is the only Curt which is competent.

NOTE - The aforementioned terms are to be considered as being accepted in full and unconditionally with the issue of orders in writing or orally, save our specific written derogations.